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by Cordless

In bed.

Dark room, 3:30 a.m.

Waiting for my headache to go away.

Ever had a handful of glass marbles, and you make a fist around them, hearing/feeling the piercing scrape of glass against glass?

That’s my head right now.

I keep hoping this means I’m being inundated with radioactive crap from outer space, and I will wake up tomorrow with superpowers.

Shhh. Let me dream.

If I end up being able to fly, it will save me a fortune in gas money.


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Cordless 6/5/2017 - 3:58 am

P.S. I didn’t create that picture, though I wish I did! I love abstract bizarre things.

FarahLajeenNourAlDeen 6/5/2017 - 4:27 am

sorry to hear that…
this will probably sound crazy
but if it’s unbearable

try going to the bathroom if u feel the need to

then try soaking ur feet in cold / warm water
which ever helps more [you’ll feel a difference]

Wet your hands with water
Then back to bed & try gently massaging your scalp with ur finger tips

If you have Panadol try taking one or two pills with a glass of water

or eat / drink something sugary + a glass of water

have a goodnight’s sleep

Cordless 6/5/2017 - 4:41 am

I just took one of my migraine prescription pills.

Hopefully it won’t interfere with the radioactive superpowers. Lol.

Either way, it will knock me out so I can sleep.

Fighting-For-Good 6/5/2017 - 11:22 am

U have gone nuts. Sleep. U r talking in ur dream

Cordless 6/5/2017 - 2:46 pm

I went nuts a long time ago.
Some days just showcase it more colorfully than others.

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