I ain’t made for

June 19th, 2017by Forevertorn

This society. I wasn’t made for it. I do it all a certain way they do it a certain way but that’s not the question. They all have ‘something’ in common which binds them together whether it be disgust for outcasts like me or another thing. To live in the fact that I will have to keep away from most people for the rest of my life in a way that I don’t take up a profession and regret doing it. The very presence of a creature surrounding my surroundings is enough a dose to me let alone having to bear the talk or their voice or their learnt-expressions. If I am so sick with my health today, tomorrow I know I won’t change because this pain won’t reverse or fix. How can people take a twist as if they have a mental illness one moment they say a different thing and another moment to them its me who is chaging my words. This post is just an ordinary ramble I had to get it out. For myself, I am doing fine these days. It is idiotic to always whine about how people are because I notice how impossibly misunderstanding my own behaviour can seem to others who see me. I can’t help it and
Don’t Want to write. I’m exhausted. All of them are cheats. Everybody I met.
Please don’t comment I am very exhausted.

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