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I did my first attempt today..

by GerbzBaby

Today I attempted to kill myself by overheating in the car. I drove to school, parked in the lot and didn’t get out. I was sitting in there for over an hour and a half. The only reason why I’m here now was because my best friend saved me. I texted him as I was sitting in the car telling him about how much I was sorry and how I appreciated him a lot for all he has done. I was practically telling him goodbye.. He got worried (I think as any other great friend would do in this situation) and asked me were I was at.. I promised to tell him if he didn’t call the authorities.. which he promised in the end. Long story short, he found me and took me out to get sheetz so I could replenish all the water that I had lost within that hour and a half attempt.. we talked then he took me to my parents house to explain what happened. My mom got angry (because I’m guessing that’s how she expressed her concern and didn’t understand what was going on) but after my friend, me and my mom all talked.. we were all fine..

I almost took my life because of how lonely I’ve felt althrought my 20 years of being alive. I envied those who had so many friends to help them. I wished I had that. But I guess I’m blind to see that even thought I don’t have many people to talk to I have one friend who would do anything for me..


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BlondeWig 6/5/2017 - 5:05 pm

I’m glad you have someone who cares about you so deeply. You’re very lucky to have a friend like that. The first time I attempted suicide, I called my best friend hours after overdosing in tears unsure of what I had done. We need these people in our lives. Whether it’s one or multiple, just one person who cares is enough to help.

Hold onto that person.

muspelhem 6/5/2017 - 6:46 pm

Well done for persevering through loneliness for all those years, and for letting your friend help you out.


FarahLajeenNourAlDeen 6/5/2017 - 7:18 pm

hey love
As much as it saddens me to know that u tried this today 🙁
i am thankful & grateful to know that u’r okay <3
& i'm thankful that you have someone in ur life who really cares

I really want to help you any way i can
or at least listen to you whenever u need to talk

do u think that's possible?
could we talk?

I read the couple of previous posts when u posted them
& please forgive me for this
but I thought to myself
" this girl is okay, she's not at risk… she has a few problems dealing with her friends but not to an extent where i'd need to worry about her… she's gonna be alright <3 "

i'm sad to know that i was wrong about this
& i regret not talking to you then

could you give me another chance?
could you tell me what went wrong?
was it just the lonliness?
are there other things bothering you love?

i really really hope we could talk about this…

If you're not comfortable talking here
it's okay,
my email is

please know that you are most most most welcome to contact me whenever you wish

okay 🙂
& honey please
don't do anything dark like that again

FarahLajeenNourAlDeen 6/5/2017 - 7:20 pm


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