Negativity and it’s impact on you

June 19th, 2017by hope432

First of all, thank you for being so real. You are not like “normal” people who behave according to what they are told by society and who pretend that everything is good with society at least most of the time and that there is something wrong with you, the depressive ones. They make stupid claims and give you perhaps imperative commands such: Be more social, be less depressive; or in most cases simply despise or abandon you. Then when a suicide shows up in the news they say: what a terrible tragedy!

Yes, society is wrong. I agree with you. And I see from a previous post how the holidays feel so awful to you.  This happens because you are still connected to society and you still have expectations of how your life should be.

I remember spending alone New Year’s Eve, too while my brother had friends.

It was painful, but the shame was the worst.


However, why I am telling you all of this? Because I see so much negativity in your life.  You always focus your attention the negative things of this world so that you believe that planet earth is a terrible place even in this year of 2017.  Many of you think that the universe is imperfect as well.

Everything is imperfect. Society is imperfect. Other people are imperfect.

What you do here is to justify your beliefs that suicide is good and that you should commit suicide since everything is lost.

Well, I was just like you, a few years ago. Nothing made sense and there was only suffering in my life. Why not to end it all?  But I changed and my life improved a lot.

And one of the lessons I learned was how to focus my energy.  It’s obvious that not everything is horrible on planet Earth.  So, why not to shift your attention on the positive aspect of everything?   Studies have shown and many spiritual teachings that focusing your attention on the positive can be life changing.

There are many negative things that happen in my life(well not so many lately) or negative people who enter the sphere of my consciousness. But I simply shift my attention to more positive things even if they are very ordinary and the negative things don’t enter my consciousness. So I feel much better. I could focus for example on what my parents did to me. But I don’t and I focus on their positive aspects and I even feel greatful.  It’s a matter of focus.

If you focus your consciousness on humanity and you think words such as: humanity is a species, too many children are born, or people are stupid, etc.

then you start to feel terrible even if you justify your desire to commit suicide!

There is always a part of you who wants to live.

You can rather think: Humanity is spiritual, humanity is part of a greater whole, everything is connected in the universe, there are laws in the universe, there is more than the apparent chaos, there is a secret order.





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