Note to self:

June 18th, 2017by PrismaticGreyZone

You must first fail to succeed, everything in life.

Like your first step as a baby, you try but fall so many times over, but eventually you learn to walk, and then run. That was your first challenge in life. If you decided to quit then, you wouldn’t have learned to walk at all. Sometimes we forget the very first lesson we learn in life: Baby steps.

With every stage in life, it presents different levels of challenges; fighting to survive your unfortunate circumstances or fighting to defend and accept yourself or fighting your dissatisfaction. These challenges help shape the person you had become and will become, fill you with all the wisdom and knowledge of yourself and the world around you, to help you with all your future decisions. Mental and emotional growth isn’t possible without obstacles. We are a very complex being, understanding ourselves is the beginning to understanding others and the world we live in. We suffer because we don’t understand ourselves and our circumstances and that fills us with fear and doubt. The light to your darkness is learning to understand whatever it is life is trying to tell you and once you do, it’ll all make sense, like finally solving a kindergarten math problem. If you quit now, you’d betray yourself, destroying all your potentials and chances.

You’re not weak, you’re just tired, don’t be fooled by your emotions. All you need is rest and recharge. You can’t recharge with negative people in your life or negative attitude constantly draining you. Realize what’s dragging you down and get rid of it. Whether it’s someone, or some feelings like jealousy or insecurity. Get to understand those feelings, ask yourself why you feel it, what caused it and then think about how to get rid of it. What can you do to fix it or change it, what options are within your control? You’re your only true ally, defend yourself, don’t betray yourself.

I hear so many people saying that they’ve never truly been happy, and I’ve felt that way before too until i realized that happiness is not a state of being, it’s all within moments of life; happy moments. Eating your favorite foods, watching your favorite shows or movies, spending time with your favorite person, and enjoying your hobbies. When something bad happens in life, your mind will trick you into thinking that all those happy moments you’ve had never even happened, like it was deleted from your memories, then you convince yourself that you’ve never truly been happy at all, that your life is nothing but crap. You start thinking about all the shitty moments in your life believing that it’s all you have and from there, you drown yourself in negativity, piling one on top of another; negativity feeding another negativity and like the setting sun until all you have left is darkness in your heart and mind and all you can think about is ending it all because you forgot the most basic fact that with each setting sun and a seemingly long bouts of darkness, the sun will rise again, you just have to be patient. Every dawn is a new beginning and a chance to flush the shit from yesterday. Live at your own pace.

My old tweets:

  • Every bit of decision you make is like a piece of a puzzle that’ll become a completed picture of your future.
  • Your unique experiences in life is what makes you who you are. Take pride in your growth.
  • I have no idea where I am going in life, that’s what makes it an adventure.
  • All living things are imperfect by nature because nature is governed by balance and balance is what maintains the cycle of all existence.
  • The complexities of all existence is like air. We only understand what is visible.
  • Sometimes I feel like I understand everything and yet nothing, all at the same time.
  • “Ideas are the only reality.”

We all start out as an empty glass and as we live, we fill it little by little. Every time we overcome an obstacle in life, our glass gets filled. Some people are too young to understand that and they quit so easily, ready to just pour their quarter full glass down the drain. With time and experience, I now understand so many things I didn’t before and it really clears up a lot of questions and doubts and dark emotions that almost got me killed. I want to thank my broken teenage self for holding on even during the most difficult time in life, because of her, I was born. The old me needed to suffer for the new me to be born.

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