When it feels like it’s the end, don’t believe that feeling.

June 6th, 2017by verbalhues

In life, shit happens. All. The. Time. If life was easy, you’d be stupid and bored to death.
Because “Shit happens” we have awesome books, movies, and games.
Think about all the books you’ve read, movies you’ve seen, and games you’ve played.
Life is where our popular medias draw it’s inspirations from, because life sucks, we fight.
There’s a lesson in every mistake, conflict, and challenge.
Every lesson we learn, we grow stronger and wiser and you get closer to feeling complete.
Life is learning to live and living to learn, and you never really stop learning.
The world is bigger than you know and can see, don’t limit yourself because you’ll miss out.

Humor and Time is the best medicine but Patience and Perseverance is the real cure.




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