What’s the meaning of life

June 18th, 2017by suicideisnotachoice

I don’t want to get all cliche and ask what’s the meaning of life, but I just did, so that’s that.

The average human lives around 70 years. In my close family that average is around 97.









What the F is the point of all of this. When we’re dead, we’re dead. If the meaning is to reproduce and populate the planet with the next generation, I’m not part of that. No one would EVER EVER EVER be attracted to me in any way. It’s called natural selection. The strongest and the prettiest, generally, are the ones that pass their genes on. If I had a kid, that kid would have a HUGE chance of getting depression since probably 80% of my dad’s side has had depression as far back as the family tree cares to be built. I don’t want my child to go through what I’m going through. Its f’ing torture. Natural selection has ruled over this planet since the dawn of living creatures. Why now, in the short time humans have populated this planet, are we trying to go against Mother Nature. Natural selection is the perfect way to create a population that is sustainable by planet Earth. We have 7.3 billion people (and counting) on this planet. This planet cannot deal with all of us. It will soon, probably, pass the carrying capacity of Earth. Too many people and too little resources. It’s as simple as that. If the happy people want there kids to be part of a healthy world, news flash, you need to allow natural selection to take place.

Sorry, those are my thoughts right now.

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