Who are you?

June 14th, 2017by eternaldarkness

No I don’t want nor need to know who you are IRL- I just want to know- how do you define yourself?

Some people define who they are as wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, and most define themselves by their occupation. When you meet people, it’s always “Hi, my name is… and I’m a…(insert profession).” The standard greetings and pleasantries aside, that is how the majority of people see themselves, defines who they are as a person. But what are you aside from that?

Since I stopped working, I don’t know what’s my identity anymore. Who am I?? Most terms are superficial for me. My race and gender and country is not something that define me as a person. Sure they are what I look like and all that, but those things are not a choice. I’ve always defined myself by the things I did- the job (the half dozen different types of professions I’ve had), the activities I engage in (adventurer, adrenaline junkie), but now that I don’t do any of those things- what am I?

I’m just a sad sack of potatoes…

So, what do you define yourself as? Who are you?

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