I’m fine

  August 12th, 2017 by Keroseneheart0

“I’m fine” I say to friends

“I’m fine” I say to my family 

“I’m fine” I say to the teacher’s 

“I’m fine” I say to the principal

“I’m fine” I say to my counselor 

But in reality…I’m not fine…I’m far from fine, I’m sitting in my room crying, I’m standing in the distance thinking, I’m looking at my one and only friend…Who left…She left me, I’m alone, That’s what I am




Just someone she used to hang out with, Just someone who came to all my birthday parties, Just someone I miss incredibly, Just, Just my friend, My best friend

Now here I am, crying, thinking of ways to end this pain, I’ve wanted to end the pain…but failed

All I ever do is fail

Is that why she left?

Because she didn’t want to be seen with a failure, a loser, a idiot, and a burden…

S u i c i d e

That’s what I hear now…24/7 voices of past relationships tell me to end it all


I might just do it

To make someone proud, that I’m not a loser

I’m fine

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