August 7th, 2017 by ENERGYSPIRIT7

Hi , I figured Now would be a good time to share my Story here. Seeing as I’m probably not going to make it too much longer without snapping. I hope that when that happens I’ll just go crazy. I feel like I’m already half way there. I Have a lot of problems.  Too many to explain but I’ll tell you that I have Severe Clinical Depression. Right now I am so mad , Upset , And depressed. My family doesn’t care. Oh , No wait , some of my family does care. Way too much. The make everything in my life out to be way more than it is and they just want to send me to the hospital for everything. On the other hand , My uncle , Who is supposed to be nice because he used to be , Just calls me names. Tells me that I’m doing basically everything in my life wrong , and criticized me. And tells me that I’m just having a pity party. Every time I try to pour my heart out to him.  He doesn’t care. Neither do I. Forget about it. I’m so done. I have so many problems that no amount of trying harder will ever fix them. What my uncle doesn’t understand is that I do things the way I do them because that’s the only way I know. I had to teach myself things from the very beginning. My family doesn’t even care. So , Screw it. I’m just dosing myself up with caffeine so that I can try to at least get some energy. It will at least put happiness chemicals in my body. If I do that , It seems to make me feel better. I just really don’t care anymore. All I ever do is try to help people anymore. I’ve tried to do that my whole life but recently I have been doing it a lot more because it’s the only thing that makes me feel better. I pretty much live just to help other people now. If I didn’t gave that , I would probably be dead. The only reason I’m still alive now is because I’m scared of God. I hope God takes it easy on me in my afterlife , and that Heaven is at least in my future at all.

I hope you like my story , God bless you.

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