I don’t want family

August 13th, 2017by WOODESITY

I’m tired of this family I’m living with, i know they’re using me, my sister barely cares and talks to me, she never loved me or cared about me, my mother is selfish psychopath, my aunt, she bought new house, and I’m working on full time shift and after coming tired from work i need to work in her new house, painting, sanding and lifting all heavy staff, i understand, she says it’s family and because she’ve done many things for me i have to do the same or otherwise I’m monster, and shw makes me feel guilty whatever i say, i feel she’s controlling me like child, i feel they only want something from me, i think she’s just using me, she told me today that i was living my life because i was playing games when I’ve free time. I need to do something, why i need to argue and talk about every single detail with her?  Every time i try to express myself or tell her anything, she always makes my words wrong and tries to make me feel guilty. I’ve been living by myself  for rent 1 year and i was living my life, now it’s her life, i missed time when i had less worries and responsibilities, my old time, now. I’ve Dept to her, over 20K and i don’t know how to pay it off, i think in case if she kicks me out of house i need to have some money to go somewhere far away and die by hypothermia, this is what i wish. And i hope it’s happen soon as i can collect enough money. Every single member of my family is abusive, i just can’t take it too long. I sometimes see how my mother screams to my sister child and feels offended by 1 yo child. It’s so f***..


Sorry for my spelling.

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