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I just need someone to talk to

by animallover

I’m doing it soon, I know it. I realized there is nothing that will get better, and even if it did, it’s too late… I feel sick with anxiety tonight, because I know how it will end… But we all die someday right… Just wish things were easier.

I am so sick and tired, beyond repair. This is how it ends for me…


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John Doe 8/18/2017 - 3:38 pm

Maybe you should get a shrink. They are trained to listen to problems and possibly even find solutions for you. They can even prescribe the proper medications if you having anxiety and depression

animallover 8/18/2017 - 4:03 pm

I have one, and I have seen so many shrinks throughout the years, it’s ridicilous.
Don’t want to be saved anymore, as I feel there is just one way out of this agony.
Medications sadly never had much of an effect on me, never normalized me to the point where I was functional.

LoveDogs 8/18/2017 - 7:51 pm

Do you have any animals?? They will surely miss you more than you can imagine.

Waning Silhouette 6/24/2021 - 11:45 pm

Hey, if your still here, my discord is “.”#7358 and I wouldn’t mind talking to you.

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