it’s too much for me to handle

August 16th, 2017by Urm8451n

I’m feeling on the edge. getting back to my work place, with the same disrespectful management and low income.
I have signed my self to silence about my pain and bad experiences. my friends don’t know what I either went and going through. and they should not even know because they would not understand.
I have literally only 2 family members and a great self divided personality to talk to. I talk to my self. yup.
when it’s hard, and I’m down on my knees, or feeling like crying like a 4 y. o boy, I’m talking to my self.
I don’t mind this self help, but I do mind this loneliness. it’s a mental one. so sometimes when it’s too much, I’m writing to you guys. so I would be able to tell some one what I feel. I feel like shit. I feel like going through he’ll and getting tested again and again “will he kill himself?” “will he go insane?” “will he die from broken heart?” well, I will not. for who ever is leading me to taking all this shit, and experiencing all these horrors, I will not break!

thank you all for reading this, it means a lot, you are more than welcome to reply. have a nice day

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