Me: Inside and Out: Ranting, don’t care if anyone reads this

  August 24th, 2017 by lxmyrick

So I have been having some bad days.  I don’t mean like the day was bad, but for some random reason I started to feel sad, depressed, not hungry, and I don’t know why.  Everything was going good and it just randomly started to get worst.  The worst part is that I feel alone.  And yes I see a bunch of people around school and places I go, but I still feel so alone and I feel like I can’t talk to anyone.  And to make it worst is that I am always wearing a mask because I fear that if I showed how I truly felt, then people would judge me.  So on the outside of me I am the calm, happy, and brave person, but that’s just to hide my true feelings and thoughts.  On the inside I am sad, depressed, and lonely; and I don’t show how I feel because of the fear of reactions.  So now I feel like I am on an island where I am all alone.  Right now I have my mask on of being happy, but I am staving my self and I’m tired, but no one knows that I am and they just think I health and I didn’t get enough sleep.  I am just having of living 2 with 2 different faces.

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