Rise and Shine

  August 23rd, 2017 by deadd

Mornings have always been really rough for me, probably the worst part of my day. I’ll often wake up crying, or start crying as reality quickly smacks punches me in the face again, separating dreams from what is real. Sometimes it’s due to a specific thing in mind, some stupid occurrence of whatever happened the day before. But most of the time it’s just this generalized sense of melancholy that follows me everywhere I go. Sometimes it is a storm, rising up quickly within the blink of an eye, with loud thunder grumbling about my onerous existence, accompanied with lightening strikes of rancorous contempt that leave scars on my wrists. Other times it is overcast and gloomy, like the fact I am still alive manifests as a deep, dull, aching pain that cannot be alleviated with any amount of Tylenol, Motrin, you name it.

My question to you is, are mornings as arduous to you as they are to me?

Or what seems to be the worst part of your day?

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