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D u n g e o n

by Dungeon

I’m tired and empty. Things I’ve said too many times to count.
I remember when I started rolling down this hill.
I was young and utterly ignorant of myself.
Like most of the other young ones on this site now, I used to think my problems would be the end of me, the end of everything. Even stupid and small problems can make you feel like shit at that age I guess. Even if a majority of those “stereotypical sad teenager posts” make me laugh, I do acknowledge that what they feel is the realest they’ve had.
Even as I say that I’m only 20, and yet it still feels so far.
Eventually those young problems become less important, and you realise that they literally meant nothing compared to what you have now and later. Those who truly want to die, well they die. It’s just that simple.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to live anymore, or literally running towards the edge of a cliff. Unless your heart stops beating, you want to live- even if you don’t believe you do.
But there’s nothing left for me.
I don’t want anything.
I just don’t want to bring any more pain to my family,
They’ve suffered enough.
So I will suffer for them
Until I truly want to die
Because my problems have already become nothing to me
All that’s left now is for me to crack
And throw away what makes me sane
And when that sanity is lost,
And my morals decay
I will be the end of me
I will die.

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