Does anyone else get really ticked off about “suicide prevention” crap?

September 12th, 2017by OneShot

Especially fundraisers. What exactly are these funds going to? To put up more signs and buy more advertising for the suicide hotline which never did a damn bit of good for me or anyone I know? Here’s an idea. How about using the funds to pay off the debts that so many depressed people are sinking in? How about actually offering free mental health care? In other words, how about taking these millions of dollars and fixing the problems that are making people kill themselves, instead of funding some bloated industry that’s now profiting from our pain.

When I donate money to a cause, I make damn sure I know where it’s being spent. Feed the hungry? Give me the address of the soup kitchen so I can see for myself what’s being done. Saving stray dogs? Better be a no kill shelter because I’m not going to pay the salary and office furnishings of the sicko who’s killing dogs in the back room of the SPCA. And suicide prevention… show me the business plan. Show me the program whereby suicide is being prevented, where actual suicidal people benefit.

Don’t get me started on all the “suicide awareness” marches and picnics in Central Park. A bunch of normies patting themselves on the back for stamping out suicide… but again, whose suicide are they stamping out? Not mine.

You, yes you reading this, is anyone more “aware” of your suicidal intent because of these headline grabbing, touchy feely, feel good stories about suicide awareness? The t-shirts, the advertisements, the endless “You are not alone” billboards. Funny, I seem pretty alone from where I’m sitting. Is any of this making your life less miserable?

Or is the best suicide support right here on this site, which as far as I know has never asked for a dime, never had a big parade in its honor, never professed to stamp out suicide. It just is. And I’m guessing any substantial support you get in real life won’t come from some glitzy suicide prevention foundation. It’ll be from 1 or 2 strangers you meet somewhere, who confide their deeply personal story and listen to yours. They won’t be part of some big national agenda that treats you like a statistic and has bumper stickers and gobs of government funding. So be on the lookout for real suicide prevention, and here’s a hint, it won’t be on a billboard, or tv ad, or on some bill in Congress that politicians will give speeches on to thunderous applause. Help will just be there, or it won’t.

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