Food for Thought

September 16th, 2017by BlondeWig

Do you ever just wish you had some kind of disease that would eventually, somehow or another kill you? I know it’s sick to say, and sick to idolize it but saying that you’re going to die from like cancer or something sounds so much nicer than someone who says that they are going to kill themselves. Now i’m sure that most people who are terminally ill, don’t want to die. But I can also say that I as someone who has depression and is suicidal, I don’t want to die either. But at the same time I do. Depression is like an endless disease that tortures your brain every single day. Whereas an illness, just destroys your body within, it’s unavoidable in most cases. Why is depression not treated similar? Why is it when our brains tell us to kill ourselves and that we don’t deserve life, we are just “dramatic” and “attention seeking” but watch out, if we actually pull it off and DIE… We were such a great person, no one saw this coming… there were no signs.

A load of bullshit.

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