I don’t know what to do

September 12th, 2017by asperger rebel

Hi. I’m new here. Just want to say that I fucking hate the world. I’m fucking alone, no friends, no girlfriend, nobody… and I’m 21! I’m still a virgin and have never kissed a girl. It seems I’ll be the next Elliot Rodger, but I don’t want to kill people, I don’t have the balls to do that. You see, I’m in a trouble, a big trouble. My life can’t go on. I can’t have this pathetic life. I can’t continue. I’m almost crying right now, lying on my bed in my miserable room. I think I will slit my throat, as soon as I’m ready to finish my life. What else can I do? The last time I talk with someone was weeks ago! I think everybody hates me, even my parents. Fuck my life!

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