Its all about perspective

  September 18th, 2017 by lonewolf23

It doesnt make me as sad as it used to but ever since i started working minimum wage jobs I’ve noticed certain employees start having problems with my happy and cheerful attitude at work. Its like they dislike happiness. I just dont get why they react so negativity about my happy vibes. I suppose they dont understand the value and great power of pursuing happiness. I get that things could be better and it’d be nice to get paid $40 an hour or even be a business man but things could be much worse too. And thats where perspective plays a big role in how i feel. I could be unemployed and struggling with money. And even then there’s worse situations than this. I could be stuck in a warzone in my own country like some innocent people are in Syria. I don’t worry too much about the things i dont have. I remind myself how blessed i am to have a job and have a roof over my head at night. I remind myself every morning how fortunate i am for having such an easy life. That is why i am happy and why i strive to make others happy because i know others have it worse than me. I can’t even consider my situation bad at all actually. Theres no problem with wanting more out of your life and setting high goals but people lose sight of how important the journey is too. Every step counts and living everyday with a healthy mind is important if you wanna be happy. Happiness isnt found in materialistc things or lots of money. Its not found at the end of some magical rainbow that doesnt exist, its found within yourself. Its all in your mind, you have the power to be happy whenever you want. Sometimes all it takes is for you to smile in the mirror or treat yourself to some comedy on YouTube. I’m a friendless dude who works a job at a grocery store and I’ve got no car, no girlfriend, and not many materialistic things yet I’m happy….why? Because i wanna be happy. I view my situation as a perfect opportunity to make new friends and just grow. I see my situation as an exciting challenge to better myself as a person. And you know what… I laugh at myself for being so silly about my fears. I can’t believe i used to be so afraid to ask for some napkins at a restaurant….seriously i used to be afraid to do that just 2 years ago because i had a severe form of social anxiety. Now i laugh at myself for being that way. Now i remind myself how silly I’m being when i think my day sucks just cuz some dude cut me off on the road while driving.

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