Just realized how sad this sounds.

  September 24th, 2017 by Cause of Death: Suicide

I’ve been suicidal since 12. It became my favorite life plan at 15. I thought It would be great to kill myself before graduating high school – because school doesn’t matter anyway. It became my only choice and only option at 19. It became severe at 20 to where all I could think about is my desire to end my life. Anyway, the only thing that would distract me from my constant severe suicidal thoughts and desire to self-harm was smoking a doobie and going on nature drives. That is all I would do for 1.5 years. But it was never dull, it never got tiring. It was all just personal trips for me. Anyway, I got a DUI and now I have set my suicide date. Marijuana is medicine but the majority of people in my state walk around with their head in their ass daily. (Especially the officer that arrested me. He was a special breed. Very fuck your cousin type guy.) I have been trying to kill myself every day since my DUI. I was not drunk, I was tipsy, but I also was parked and not driving. But I do not have a very good plan besides one that needs a car. I actually was planning to drive to a bridge about 2 hours out of the town the VERY day after receiving my DUI. (Caught me as a surprise) I have built a gun, it guess I just need to put a firing pin in and then shoot a shotgun shell through my brain. Anyway, this is the sad part, I have license suspended for 395 days and it’s been 340.

(Also I am homeless and I have a broken neck

Even if the hospitals could fix my broken neck I have no health insurance and the doctors are stupider and nastier than myself. So I am never going to a doctor for anything ever again after experiencing first-hand how incompetent the doctors and nurses are. Most can’t tell up from down)

I won’t even enjoy driving or smoking doobies after that. Now nothing will be able to distract me from my tormentors. The only thing left to do is jump off the cliff out of town. I have also been molested about 12 times by strangers this year. They are strangely obsessed with me and can’t seem to leave me alone?? Scares me more than anything cause they are all retarded nasty fucks. It just goes to show. I knew I should have killed myself at 18. Well I sold all my personal items and still didn’t have enough for a pawn shop pistol.

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