Life And Difficulties.

September 15th, 2017by LastMonths

Why is it that people say you’re way too young for this. Way too young for that.

It never was that way.
I consider postivity toxic to myself.
I am so tired about how i live everyday like a disappointment.

Advices from elders just get on my nerves.
Am i a worse person than you? Maybe i am.
Fooling other people to make them think you are important.
It’s sickening i’ve become like this.

Will i ever escape from this.
Maybe i would.
A good day to end all days is in your birthday.
Lock the doors
And sleep peacefully.

Knowing full well you won’t wake up anymore.

And hurting everyone around you is not so fun to look at and live with.

Selfishness is the answer. So be it. Think of the people around you? Yeah it’s because i think of them that this continues on in a infinite loop.

Sleep and don’t wake up – me.

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