Life and how it ends.

September 16th, 2017by LastMonths

So i prepared myself to OD on some sleeping pills.
I’m preparing to face myself after a tiring long journey.
After 9 years of hurting people and hurting my loved ones I think I should stop. Being a disappointment and being adviced every single day is not helping me. I’m drowning on my own sadness and it feels like I can never get back up. Why is major depression a thing or rather why is depression a thing. My emotions are a mess and it feels like im messing with other peoples emotions as well. It is not fun to have this kind of sickness, I tried to fight it a couple of times never succeeding in every single try. Now I love watching the world burn around me and I ask myself why do i feel like this?, and the answer lies within i became accustomed to lies I’ve been saying it became reality to me and it finally hit me the nail in the coffin finally hit me and it hurted like hell. I wanted to speed drive and ram myself into a wall I wanted to die so badly but can’t get the courage to do it. Now that i researched about sleeping pills and how to OD on them I bought alot and slowly time is ticking while that time still ticks I’m gonna enjoy every last bit of it.

“It is when you are prepared that the wake you’ll leave becomes much more clearer and you feel like you don’t care anymore about it”.

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