September 19th, 2017 by eternaldarkness

Most people say they don’t believe in conformity. Yet, we see over and over again that if you do not conform, you will be attacked.

Come out as gay? How dare you! You are an abomination.
(I’m not gay, just giving an example)

You don’t believe in religion? You’re automatically viewed as a bad person.
You’re a Christian? And you go to church? OMG he/she must be a good person!

You actually like school? You’re a NERD!
And…what is wrong with wanting to be smart and educated?

You don’t like alcohol / happy hour? What is wrong with you? You’re so uncool. You’re antisocial.
Maybe I just don’t like the taste of alcohol.

You don’t like going to the beach? What is wrong with you?
This was back in the 80s and 90s when idiots laid out in the sun for hours on end to get a tan. If you didn’t like lying in the baking sun and sand doing nothing for hours and being bored, you were labelled as weird. Ofc, now we know something called skin cancer.

You’re a girl and you *don’t* like makeup / boys / partying / shopping / doing girly things?
What is wrong with you?
And…what is wrong with wearing pants and not liking skirts and dresses and insanely uncomfortable and impractical shoes that mangle your feet? And *I’m* labelled as the weird one?

I could have prolly used better examples, but those above just popped into my mind.

My whole life I’ve been told that I’m wrong- I’m wrong for what I look like, wrong for liking what I like, wrong for disliking what I don’t like, wrong for the way I think, wrong for my beliefs, I’m wrong for simply existing and being me.

So of course, decades later, I have issues with self-esteem, depression, and maintaining relationships with people. Well there’s more to the story but being seen as “weird” and “different” and treated like an outcast my entire life is part of it. Which, looking back, there was nothing wrong with me other than I was a scrawny, skinny quiet kid who liked to read and did well in school. I was teased endlessly, merciless by other kids, for no reason other than “I was different.” And no, it’s no different as an adult being around other adults- people still ostracize you for being “different.” Worse now as an adult as there’s no excuse “oh kids are just kids…”

There is a huge price to pay to being yourself, and not conforming to what everyone else does or thinks.

My whole life I’ve been treated as an “other.” My whole life I’ve felt as a misfit. I wasn’t meant for life on this Earth. I don’t belong. I also want no part in all the shittiness humans are doing to each other, and to the planet.

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