Please please please

September 12th, 2017by iwouldrathernot

You know when you wish for something really hard even though you know it is impossible?


Like having class cancelled the day of a ┬átest you’re not prepared for, or your boss calling to tell you that the roads are bad so everyone gets a day off?


Just shit like that, you know it won’t happen but you really fucking need it to happen sometimes. And then it doesn’t happen so you have to go through with whatever thing you really didn’t want to do. That’s me with my life, I keep hoping it’s not really happening. I’m a figment of someone else’s fucked up dream and they’ll wake up and I won’t have to exist ever again. So simple. But that’s not happening so I’m being pushed along through my life even though I really don’t want to be in it. Because I’m hoping against hope that it’s not really my life. So all I have is waiting for the end. And I’m honestly not sure when that will be, but another hope is that it will be soon.

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