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by plasticflower

it’s been a while since the last time i posted anything here, but right now i feel like i just need to type stuff out.

lots of things have been happening lately, the biggest thing being i moved. i was okay for a while, feeling pretty neutral, which at this point is great. but it’s only been getting worse for some reason, nothing significant has happened. i’ve been feeling very weird these past few days though, i can’t feel anything. it’s like i’m numb for some reason? yesterday i met a youtuber i really admire and i thought i’d be so happy but i didn’t feel anything at all? and it’s so upsetting. it’s so annoying.

a few days ago i came to terms with something i have been avoiding for about 14 years, which didn’t help at all. i’m so tired in so many ways; emotionally, physically and mentally. i feel like i’m only complaining which also annoys me, but i’ve actually haven’t really been talking that much irl, so i guess i’m just saying everything that’s going on in my mind. ramble ramble i don’t know

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freeroma 9/13/2017 - 11:22 am

A move us a big thing, usually has a lot of emotions attached. Maybe you’re just settled in now and going back to business as usual? Or just some type of counter to that neutrality. My moods are tied in shifts for the most part, going up heads back down and then things even out and on again.
Coming to terms with whatever it is, while unpleasant, might be better in the long run, at least. I don’t think you’re complaining either, it’s how you feel. Quite honestly I think it’s better to express this stuff in some way rather than keep it in.

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