You’re a failure

September 15th, 2017by Sinful Obloquy

“You’re a failure.”
I suppose after years of being told that I’m a failure, I thought that I would’ve been accustomed to it. The first time it occurred, I was shocked. I knew I had to improve myself, so I studied. I spent hours each day, sitting in my room, studying for who-knows-what. As time passed, I felt more successful as I began to pass my classes. Each year after that, I got A’s on every test. I got A’s in every class. My success was defined by my grades. This is my last year of school. I will graduate soon. I thought that I was no longer a failure. I thought that I had improved myself. No. I’m the same. People still call me a failure. Whats worse now, is that they think I’m pompous. People think that I don’t listen. They think that I look down on them. Untrue. I know that I have a lot to learn. I know that I haven’t experienced the world.
I know that I’m a failure.

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