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“And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries…”

by Lostsoul_20

No one listens to anyone anymore, sure they hear so that they are able to grasp a rough idea of what goes on in their environment but no one actually takes the time to truly listen. To do more than observe a situation but to try to grasp how it must be to be within that environment and try to envisage the emotions that might be evoked so as to truly understand the complexities of what goes on in the world. Nothing is just black or white, we are all contrasting shades of grey. That’s one of my biggest problems I guess, I feel as if my voice has drained out from all those who choose to blatantly ignore me and even worse by the few who choose to “hear” me. No one is ever trying to actually listen, too busy trying to shut me down to get their stories out so that I will listen. However when I need reciprocation of that same time and devotion for someone else to listen to me, I receive none. I am a seed of the dandelion flower that was blown, disappearing into air, and due to wind never settled. I find no solace anywhere and so in the compass of my heart there is no true north for me to call home. I’m just so lost in my life and this feeling makes me fall deeper within the depths of my depression, making me hopeless.

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