October 13th, 2017 by Katki

Its not like this is new – not like I haven’t felt it before.. but every time, it feels like I’m slipping away, further from the light, further from help – if there is any.  I tried to do it last summer – I couldn’t go through with it, couldn’t let go.  So now, night after night, tear stained pillows, stuffy noses and an unquenchable longing for someone else to be beside me fills me with sorrow and despair.   So much good when I was little, so many bad things happened to me in the three relationships I had.  They bled me dry of all the good – and now, here I am – what’s left of me… a shattered, broken shell… alone and empty

I just want to sleep and never wake up – every night I pray – Please take me now – I’m ready to go… And every morning – the cycle repeats.

I’m so tired, so hurt, so sad, so finished.  Can someone please make it stop?  Please?

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