Everything Hurts.

  October 30th, 2017 by alex

When I’m reading a post or blog or even a simple book, I feel the emotions like they are my own. When someone else is hurting, I hurt. When some else is sad, I’m sad. It’s difficult when you’re constantly sad and extremely emotional. I was once suicidal and these feelings are now coming back because of how destroyed the world is and how many are in such pain from bad government decisions, killers, rapists, family members dying, etc.. I feel as if the world won’t be able to heal itself anymore and I have nothing to look forward to in my future life. Not any loving pets. Not a boyfriend. Not a good job, even though I can’t even get through school now because 0f my emotions running high 24/7. It’s difficult being me, and I feel that it’s difficult being a human in general right now on this cesspool of a planet. Ugh. I hurt. You hurt. I know everyone hurts and I know it’s an emotion everyone has to have, or so ‘they’ say. Everything is so generated. Sorry. This is where my mind takes me on late nights.

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