Grocery shopping

  October 14th, 2017 by Cause of Death: Suicide

Decided after I got the food

I would cook it and eat it

Then once I let that go to good use

I would go kill myself

Did a test walk to the cliff I’m going to jump off the day before

Realized it was a shorter walk then I thought.

So it’s very easy to get to.

Says 7 hour walk but as long as I take it in the day time

Was going to go all the way but it was too dark.

“Mom” says I can’t get my license back so I realized I’ll have to walk all the way.

Haven’t walked to the cliff and jumped off yet only because I anticipated getting my license back and taking a short drive to it in November.

Need to decide when to walk.

I wanted to that night but it was too dark.

I wanted to today but I still had food not to “waste”

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