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Have you ever

by checherose555

Have you ever f*cked up a situation or friendship that you honestly believed was unf*ckable? That you believed was foolproof, with no f*ckabilty ratio?

I did that yesterday..and it sucks.

I just thought I could open up more, to someone I have been trying to open up to for a few years now.  It is not a relationship, but it was helping me get through some things. I considered him to be a friend. And now he sees me as a crazy, depressed, hopeless loon; so I lost another friend.

Here’s to another birthday knowing that I should just keep my f*cking mouth shut when it comes to my life.  

I’m very upset today, about so much..it’s too much to write. I wanted to feel better today- thankful for another year of life..but I feel very tired. Just exhausted. And I can’t tell anyone.

I guess this is why anonymity is so popular these days.




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CARLOSPEJUAN 10/22/2017 - 12:20 pm

This is a good thing. That moron couldn’t handle your 9/11 they do NOT deserve your 4/20. Your birthday is a celebration of YOU. 1 (must do) Get all prettied up, 2- go have fun. AKA go slay by the beach or a park, or play videogames or read a book, get a PSL. You’re better off alone anyway, you’re dealing with you, and you are growing. Groups attract fools who you don’t need in your life. I hope this helps happy birthday. You’re worth living <3 Even if you think you are horrible. You are worth it!

Baked13 10/22/2017 - 1:46 pm

I guess I’ve made my mind up. Keeping my mouth shut.

I was debating if sharing your issues with a friend is a good idea just recently. I’m sorry to hear about that. He wasn’t a true friend if he cannot see passed your depression. Because that does not define who you are. Let the fake friends go. You will attract the true and loyal ones.

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