How not to kill yourself 2.0 (Anti-freeze)

  October 15th, 2017 by defalt120

It happened after my 7th attempt, I was desperate and intrigued to Attempt again. My parents suggested we head to the mall, on my way to the car I found something that got me excited. There was a big Anti-freeze container sitting outside In our neighbors doorsteps. Now Ive been researching my crap for 3 years so I knew damn well how dangerous that thing is. The next day after that I told my parents I’m taking walk outside, little did you know I went to grab that antifreeze and dashed as fast I could without getting seen by anyone. I went behind the church and drank a whole pint of anti-freeze. To my surprise, I got drunk few hours later. now this thing can kill you with 12-24 hours. At night I had tons of trips to the bathroom and then I collapsed and woke up in my bed with my parents sitting next to me clueless on what was happening. Turns out my kidneys stopped and I got knocked out. When I woke up I had slurred speech, drooling, staggering, and was vomiting blood( all of which are symptoms of ethylene glycol poisoning) my parents were concerned and I lied and said I drank lots of beer at once and they believed the story since all the harsh cleaners and poisons in our house are hidden. 12 hours past and I was still not dead, it was in about that time that I was taken to the hospital because my parents saw that I was still staggering so it couldn’t be beer. I stayed in the hospital for a week and made a full recovery( believe it or not I walked away with no kidney damage) and then I was taken to a psych ward. So basically all in all we didn’t do shit at the end. And this ladies is gentlemen, is how to not kill yourself!

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