I need to talk to someone, please.

  October 11th, 2017 by LonelyBird

This is my new account… I haven’t been on here in a couple years.

I’m 18 now and in my first semester of school, studying math and stats. Let me say, I feel like a fucking idiot. My boyfriend is succeeding and I am soooooo proud of him and his accomplishments, but, it makes me feel like a complete dumb ass. I’m wondering how I even got into this program.

I know first year grades are your worse, but I truly thought I could do better.

I recently relapsed with my anorexia and with the add on stress of school and my family falling apart, I really want to kill myself… really fucking badly. I just need someone to talk to. I haven’t wanted to kill myself in years and I cant believe I’m back here.

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