If I Could Rebuild My Life

October 12th, 2017by hadenough636

If I could rebuild my life I could probably be persuaded that life is worth carrying on for. This is the current state of my life, in no particular order:

  • I’m 41 and live at home with my parents.
  • I suffer from gangstalking, Voice 2 Skull (voices and sounds played into my head which are designed to mimic Schizophrenia) and Direct Energy weapons that can make my muscles twitch and it feels like hot needles are pressing against my skin which causes short bursts of physical pain.
  • I haven’t worked for 2 years because of the targeting.
  • I spend most of the time in the house, in my bedroom and don’t talk to anyone much. Equally they don’t talk to me so I see it as a two way process. This, I believe, has been caused by the mis-perceptions created by the electronic weapons.
  • I have been misdiagnosed as schizophrenic because of the targeting. It has overwhelmed me from time to time over the last 3 years.
  • I don’t have a driving license at the moment so therefore I have no ID and  cannot drive a car, even if I had the money to buy one.
  • Further to this, in 2001 I was accused of causing an accident and driving off without reporting it. To cut a story short, I got declined insurance because of this accusation that I am not guilty of. I would like this mark removed from the insurance database but don’t know how to do it. Then I can get proper insurance for my car if I get one in the future.
  • I have no qualifications or job prospects to get a well paid job so I can get a place of my own again. I don’t want to do IT any more.
  • Because of the targeting, I have had no plans or ambitions for the last 2 years.

I think that’s about it. How on Earth do I make a comeback from this. If I cannot have the record put straight then I can’t get anywhere. It all feels hopeless to me.

On a side note, I find this site quite therapeutic in that I can get some of the content out of my head. I don’t want to write a book, after-all I am a nobody. Who wants to read about a nobody that hasn’t made a comeback? Not many people that’s for sure. But it is helpful to write a few lines.

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