Kevin Hines: Golden Gate jump survivor, motivational speaker and fraud

October 11th, 2017by OneShot

Kevin Hines is making rounds talking about his jump off the Golden Gate Bridge and promoting his new documentary about it. If you’ve seen the interviews, he seems like a genuine guy promoting optimism, recovery and a strong anti-suicide message. One of the things he says is that “nineteen Golden Gate Bridge jump survivors have also said … the millisecond my hands left the rail, it was instant regret.”

This struck me as unbelievable, so I looked it up. The only credible study of Golden Gate jump survivors I could find was an article by DH Rosen called “Suicide survivors. A follow-up study of persons who survived jumping from the Golden Gate and San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridges.”

The author was able to track down & interview 7 out of 10 known survivors, 6 from Golden Gate and 1 from nearby Bay Bridge. Regarding what they felt as they fell, “The experience of jumping for all six of the survivors was described as tranquil and peaceful and not frightening or terrifying as one might suspect.

No mention of regret or fear. I don’t know who these “nineteen” survivors are that Kevin is talking about, but immediately I call foul.

God it just burns me up when someone hits the talk circuit, spewing the same garbage about how suicide is a bad decision everyone regrets. How suicide can be fixed with 1 phone call. Kevin Hines, congratulations on surviving a 25 story drop, that’s impressive. But don’t you dare speak for all suicidal people and tell us we’ll regret it. Overwhelming evidence shows that failed suicide attempts result in more attempts until they get it right. Look around this site. How many people fail a suicide attempt and suddenly feel like living forever? Zero. Peddle that shit to the normies and the delusional heroes who think they will save us all, but never do.

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