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by Teresa's Child

The greeks understood the most, that people like me should not be treated as humans. We should be treated (and I quote Aristotle) as “beasts or Gods”.

People have lost the ability to judge others. As if judging others is a crime. I don’t believe in the ethics of this world, not in their principles, or their standards. I believe in my own law. It is environmental bias that makes people blind, so they get duped by people like me.

And then when I hurt them, or don’t do what they expect me to do, they ask me why. Why did I not act human?

Blind idiots. I’m a misanthrope. You should never have expected me to act human.


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They are but ape or gorilla

rivets 10/13/2017 - 3:47 pm

Misanthropes are sometimes the only ones who are thinking rationally. Misanthropes by nature are solitary creatures watching the throngs of humanity do their humanly things in humanly ways, or what they consider to be humanly ways. When you look at things like corporate culture, group dynamics, marketing and related psychology, it’s hard not to start seeing humanity as a seething mass of farm animals, penned in by other farm animals wearing monocles and standing atop giant towers of glass.

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