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Not as bright and glorious as it seems

by NotAlright

My home town was always seen as a beautiful city.
the easten purl, the star of the east, a famous port, one of the high tech mordern cities in Asia…
But behind all these beautiful titles, was a dark shadow, a dark truth.
Through their education, how many childrens and teens like myself have attempted, or commited suicide?
In this city, people who don’t get in university was viewed as useless, a wast of space. The only purpous to live in here, is to win, or be those who was useless and meaningless.
Yet, they setted up so many laws to prevent teens from commiting suicide, banning sleeping pills or any kind of ‘might be dangerous’ pills, they put up tall fences at the edges of cliffs and roof, they promote about how percious life is… but they never saw where the problems really is, they let the bullies run free and force people to suicide.
I just told my friend about me cutting… and she demended me to stop.
Why stop? To live in this joke of a place? to be laughed at?
I just wanted this all to end…


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KoneWone 10/17/2017 - 5:23 am

It’s the same issue in a lot of countries. The suicidal are being ‘saved’ from themselves. We have no rights and have to stay alive. Be careful who you talk to, in real life, about your feelings. Not sure about the laws in your country, but people can be thrown in the psych ward for expressing suicidal thoughts in a lot of countries.

mllekathy 10/19/2017 - 9:33 pm

Where in Asia are you?
I can’t imagine the feeling of competition all the time. I would also blow up from too much pressure. Especially being American, we are pretty much taught to be lazy, to say the least. I’m sorry you are feeling that way. Please hold your head high.
Your friend just needs to hold you up.

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