Sorry Again

  October 13th, 2017 by AKidWithAName

Every time, every fucking time this happens. It’s not a new thing. It’s happened since the beginning, and it will continue to the end. Every time that I think I’m doing better, it never gets any better.


What a dumbass ***** I am. I knew nothing gets better, but I expected it all the same.


Change. Test. Repeat. Change. Test. Repeat. Change. Test. Repeat. Am I any better because of it? No! I’m the same shitty person I was back then. I just recognize it now.


I don’t want anything good to happen to me anymore. I am a shitty person and I deserve nothing more than to be tortured in this nightmare life.


I am a fucking liar, and for no good reason. I’m not worth protecting, so why should I lie? “If your word is no good, then you are no good.”


I am no good.



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