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Still feel well


I guess I’m not going to give up this time. So many things are easier one the will to live is there. And I hope I can make it, and that I may become who I need to be. I’m so thankful to whatever made me feel like this. I’m overwhelmed, anxious and sad, but I want to live and it feels like I’m fighting. Like I care. I’m glad. I hope we can all feel this. If I’m high and that’s the only reason I can function, SO BE IT. I wonder if I’ll accomplish my goals. I wonder if I’ll restore my brain. I wonder if I’ll be the best. Ig2g but I’m glad I’m healing, and I hope I continue to.

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freeroma 10/18/2017 - 10:52 am

Whatever happened, it’s best to take advantage of these types of things.
Good luck.

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