Uh. Something that bothers me.

  October 21st, 2017 by Cause of Death: Suicide

We are born out of a cluster in some guys ballsack. What could make you want to die more than knowing you were formed in some dumb guys sewage ballsack. That is why I do not think too deeply into emotions. This is why I do not give much value unto life. This is why I do not celebrate birth. This is why I worship death. You’re from a nasty ballsack.  You couldn’t do anything spectacular or be anything spectacular like a star shower, you had to be a fucking ballsack offspring. Humans are probably.. really.. monsters. As a woman, I like to be at least 100 miles from any walking, talking ballsack. I mean I like to be at least 100 miles from any ballsack, but I am clustered in a town which has thousands and thousands of ballsacks within a ten mile radius. Funny, structured just like a man’s ballsack. They don’t even space out the people.

Why do people have children again? Accidents? That is the sickest reason for having a child.

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