You ever get this

  October 14th, 2017 by Cause of Death: Suicide

Your soul leaves your body and hovers above you while a wave of emotion larger than Katrina crashes over your body while you are completely silent in a room full of screaming people. You hear screaming but all inside of you is silent. You plunge into the maelstrom. Your body does not fight. The maelstrom dies down and you’re floating swimming under the strongest tide for a minute, blowing bubbles. You don’t want to break surfacez Then the surface breaks and you take a deep breath. Melancholy envelops you. Your pulse is a deep baritone bassline. You remain silent and still while everything is moving around you.


Or how about this. You have waaayyyy too much to drink. You go lay down on the couch because that is all you can do. You stare up at the wall. And your body is not bound by gravity. You feel the Earth spinning at true speed of 1000mph like you are not immune to a still life. You cannot find a center. You keep spinning, you keep spinning, you keep spinning. You know how the astronauts feel

Happy Holidays. Be safe.

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