November 7th, 2017 by rivets

I think I might have almost died today. My whole head was blown up like a balloon from a sinus infection that apparently decided it wanted to take over everything. I could hardly see from all the squinting. I was resisting going to the doctor for about three days – even went into work today like that. But by the time I got off work, my neck was starting to stiffen. I couldn’t turn my head. I couldn’t look up or down. I couldn’t talk – when I tried, I’m sure it looked comical.

That’s when the headaches started. And the earaches. Then my back stiffened up. And I said, damnit all to hell, I’m going to the doctor. I give up.

Standing in line at the pharmacy was fun. I probably looked like a hunch-back mole-man. And yet people tried talking to me. The pharmacist could tell it was serious, and he pulled me ahead of the line to get me checked out. People grumbled a bit until they got a good look at me. Ha!

I got prescribed some top-0′-the-shelf pain killers from a walk-in urgent care clinic. That’s crazy. At least it’ll make not being dead more fun and less painful for a while. Nothing is ever easy.

I can’t believe I went to a doctor. Now I can’t brag about not being to doctor in a decade.

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