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  November 13th, 2017 by deadd

length warning (sorry)


I’m about to be suspended or expelled from college, even though I have a 3.8 GPA, decent extracurriculars, blah blah blah. I’m suppose to graduate in May. My (ex) roommate called the cops on me because she could not handle verbal embarrassment, and lied saying it was assault. My friends came down for the weekend, the first time anyone’s really visited me in my three years here. I got into a bad fight with my roommate back in February. I was friends with this one girl for say a year or so, and I confronted her about blocking me on twitter, which sounds stupid. She was mad at me because I walked into my apartment and said with “attitude” — “I’ll guess I’ll just go back to the library”. My roommate was a transfer and didn’t have friends, so I was not expecting anyone to be at my apartment. I was super sick, since I was getting chronically sick due to stress, mainly from neurobiology, and my nose was running and I just wanted to do work in the comfort of my own bed. I even said I didn’t ask my roommate if anyone was over so it’s not like I could kick them out, so fair point. But this girl had to get all offended, since she’s just that selfish, saying she’s never seen me snap and that it made her uncomfortable. We made up and I was still blocked like 3 days later on twitter, which again sounds stupid but that’s the petty kind of shit those people are into. She ended up saying “I want to fucking punch you” and I say “do it” and she BARGES across the apartment into my room, so I grabbed her by the hair and slammed her into the corner of my bed, and then the fight was broken up. Probably not as dramatic as that sounds, though (she may have hit me, I can’t remember). We were all suppose to go to a tailgate together, and my roommate invited her over that morning. After the whole incident, no one even bothered to ask if I was okay, not even a simple text. My roommate could have been like yeah, I’m at Denny’s with her now and I’m coming back after, or literally just say anything. But she didn’t, the girl posted a picture mocking me on Instagram with *my* friends who went, and tweeted about how she would have beaten the shit out of me. I posted a tweet saying something sort of similar, and my roommate decides to reply to it saying I’m completely lying and that’s not what happened, further public embarrassment. I ended up trying to fight those two plus one other girl (3 on 1) around 11pm, a whole 11 hours after the incident and no one yet asked if I was okay. That was broken up as well, no one was hurt or anything. I kept trying to explain to my roommate that I felt betrayed, whatever, and she legit did NOT understand. So that was frustrating. We agreed that the one friend would not come over when I’m at the apartment, which is fair. Her mom ended up calling the counseling center on me for whatever the fuck reason, probably because my roommate lied about what really happened, because why make herself look bad? Blame it on others. They sent university police over and I was studying for my neuro exam (very stressful) and they fucking wouldn’t leave me alone and I was getting more and more frustrated they were taking up my precious time (I studied like 6+ hours for every class we had, 2x a week).


Now go to September, I had to retake the GRE. It was the first time I was going to look at GRE stuff since the last time I took it, a whole two weeks before that. I was going to take a four hour long practice test, and went to the library. Although, it was 1pm and they closed at 5, so I barely had enough time. I was less than pleased to see the small parking lot mostly blocked off for some event because I didn’t have time to drive around and look for parking. I just moved the cones and parked where I always park, and university officers were like nah move and I was like ok then let me take one of your “service vehicle” spots, and some random dude was like I’m leaving just take my spot, and so I did. The cop preceded to come over to my car and keep going about whatever, and I was dismissive because I didn’t have time for that. I walked 50 feet away and realized I forgot something in my car, and I see the cop taking pictures of my car. I ask him why, and he refuses to answer. So I got angry and said “mean” shit, like how I’m about to apply for PhD programs and he went to police academy for 6 months, and that he wasn’t even a real cop. He ended up reporting me to student affairs, and LYING about a good portion of it. He said I “failed to comply” which doesn’t make sense since I moved my car. He said I moved it to another “blocked off” spot, yet I clearly moved it to where the dude was like “take my spot”. So the dean called me in and I got my “sanctions”, which was writing a 5 page personal statement on goals for the year, what I want to do, how my behavior will affect me, resources available, whatever. And I had to get an anger management assessment, but it wasn’t due until November.


So my friends came down to visit on Halloween weekend. That morning my roommate and I got into a text fight (lol) because I heard her drunk ass go get water and go back in her room, and then when I went out to make breakfast say 5 minutes later, she opens her door and is like omg I’m still drunk from last night. And I’m like okay I can’t talk I have to do homework before class. She shuts her door kinda hard and starts playing music rather loudly, so I text her about it asking if she could turn the music down since I just said I’m doing homework because I know she’s doing it on purpose since I rarely hear her music through a closed door. She continued to text me three times over the span of like an hour while I was in class, and then like went off on me about dumb shit, how I’m trying to “control” her. Because I asked her to not have someone over on a Friday night (the week prior) because I worked Saturday from 8am-5pm, and I asked her very nicely. She had someone over anyway and was like “don’t get mad, but ___ is coming over”, which I found rather disrespectful. And she also went on about how I just “decide to do my homework on the kitchen counter” all the time, which, number one, we have a really small apartment: 2 rooms and a combined kitchen/living room; and number two, I almost always do my homework in the library anyway because she blatantly disrespects when I am OBVIOUSLY doing work and continues to talk to me for like 15 minutes about stupid shit.

Anyway, I ended up blocking her number, and then blocking her on twitter after she sub-tweeted me (again, lol @ twitter). My friends got here around 5pm, and it was a 5 hour drive. I was working until 6, and they came to pick up my key so they could put their stuff in my apartment. Before I even got there, my roommate comes out to them and is like “sorry if it’s awkward, her and I are not on good terms” and continues to babble about the problem as if my friends really cared. I didn’t see her until that night, and we had her door shut the whole time she was at work because her room smells like cat shit all the time. She comes back drunk at 2am and kept coming out on the balcony and being annoying. Like you made it clear we still had beef why are you trying to come out to my friends and I? She was going on and on and I said something about how she got my sloppy seconds. Back a year ago, I kicked a guy out of my room because I invited him over to strictly chill, and he tried to hook up, so I literally was like get out. He goes into her room and is like “gimme neck” and they’ve been fuck buddies ever since. She was literally humiliated and then refused to close her door to her room, even though we wanted it shut because it smelled like cat shit. We ended up tacking a sheet over her doorway to filter the air. & by the way, my friends were the ones complaining about the cat shit; I smelled it, but it didn’t bother me to the degree it did them since I work at an animal shelter.

Saturday morning I had my neuroscience lab meeting from 10am-1pm, and while I was gone, my roommate continued to come out to my friends and drag the issue out, trying to explain her “side” or whatever the fuck and said she understood why I was so mad at her in February. We both kinda just made passing verbal comments at each other all weekend, whatever. My friends left Sunday afternoon and I didn’t see her until Monday night, which we didn’t talk. I was out of town all Tuesday, and was about to play xBox and my roommate is like “[said friend from February] is coming over and they’re playing wii”. So I said okay and went in my room to paint my nails and listen to a Skrillex mix. Now the said friend really really hates EDM so of course it bothered her that I was playing music in my room. They kept turning the TV up and then put on their own music, because not gonna lie, it’s hard to filter out heavy bass. At 12:30am, an officer comes to my door and serves me papers saying my roommate got a peace order against me. He didn’t even know what was going on or that we were roommates, so nothing was really clear. It said I had our temporary peace hearing at 10:30am the next morning, and I was like uh I have class and he said there’s no penalty if I don’t go. She said I was threatening to punch her, and all of this other physical stuff that didn’t happen. If anything, she was telling my friends that I should “watch out” because she’ll “beat the fucking shit out of me”. The next Wednesday morning, I’m doing homework before class and hear my roommate going on and on to her mom about how I was purposely listening to music or whatever, and I tried to open her door and was like that’s not what happened, like I don’t know why you’re saying that, I literally just went in my room and said okay when you said you were having that girl over, and that we had a no physical contact order, not a no talking one. I was not really even mean in saying this stuff, and she called the officers again because she was “threatened” and scared to leave her room, yet when she got off the phone with them she went out to the laundry machine twice. (I was still sitting doing homework). The officers never came, and I hysterically went to the counseling center because I didn’t understand what a peace order was, and why she called the cops and whatever. They had me go to court to ask the parameters on my peace order, and I got served more papers from the temporary peace hearing saying I wasn’t allowed in my own apartment until the final peace hearing a week later. I couldn’t even go get any of my stuff, and had to have my friend go in to at least get my cat and his food.

At the final peace hearing, everything got dropped because even the judge was like “this is a burden of my time”, after publicly embarrassing her asking how often she uses social media per day (she said “a lot”) and then asked if she spends more time on social media than she does doing homework. You already know the answer to that. At the end of the whole hearing, she goes “I’m okay with us living together”, so obviously I was gonna move out because why would I want to live with her? I also had a charge of “failure to comply to peace order” for “entering my apartment”, but in court she said it was because of that Wednesday morning, before I got even served papers saying I wasn’t allowed in my own apartment.

I got a note from the school saying it was a no-contact thing and we weren’t allowed to talk, even after the final peace hearing until the school had a hearing for us to determine if we broke student conduct. I went and talked to the dean about it, and was indifferent, since I was like uh but the final peace order was denied yet the no-contact school one was still in effect. She didn’t believe me that I was lying and that there wasn’t any physical contact. When I was on the phone with my dad that morning I was telling him how I was moving out and whatever, and she comes out and is like “don’t take any of my stuff”. I come back to the apartment later that night to start packing some things (I was/am staying with my ex), and my roommate took everything into her room. Utensils, utensil holder, plates, bowls, cooking supplies, literally EVERYTHING in the kitchen, even down to the toaster. Yet I’m the one moving out. I called my dad again after seeing that, especially considering I had him dig up the original receipt from Walmart when we first moved in so I would only take shit that is mine. Like her and I had some “matching” things, like bowls, mine in pink hers in blue. EVERYTHING. Like I said I was on the phone with my dad, and I did scream at her through her locked door being like what the literal fuck you’re not even the one moving out. And then while on the phone with my dad however much longer later, the cops knock on my door AGAIN and I was like yeah we had a peace order which got denied, and she literally took all of my shit, and that I had to be somewhere at 8, so they let me go while “waiting for the dispatcher”. I went back to the counseling center for my actual anger assessment the next day, and the therapist tells me that I’m manipulative, and all of this shit when I just kept saying I just want someone to listen to me and stuff. She’s basing it off of when I saw her once say two years ago, since my original therapist suddenly didn’t come back. The original therapist just kind of let me talk, free-association style. This therapist was like what do you want out of therapy? Saying I needed a goal, which I didn’t have one. I just wanted someone to talk to. I was kind of upset at that and then never went back. I was not mean or anything, just frustrated and teary because I seriously needed to talk to someone. So I’m “manipulative when I don’t get what I want”.

So now I’m at an annual international conference a few hours away with my favorite professor until Wednesday, and then we’re going to have a hearing sometime when I’m back. I’m trying to have one of my friends from home come and testify, as will my best friend at school who was also there (just not for the part when my roommate talks shit about me when I’m not even home). My ex is hopefully going to come and explain how I have been sabotaged, harassed, and disrespected constantly over the last ten months. But I’m sure I’m going to at least get suspended. I am on school “probation” until I graduate as another sanction of the parking lot incident, which is suspension for a year.

So now I have a criminal charge, awaiting court in a couple weeks over the “failure to comply”, I’m about to be suspended or expelled, and I have a criminal record so I won’t pass a background check for applying to grad schools. But I guess it’s fine because she got her “revenge”, and I’m basically gonna just jump off the parking garage after I get suspended. I hope she’s happy.


EDIT: in the police report, the first thing she said was that “we got into a text fight that morning and then it was done and over with, and then at 2am my friends and I harassed her” …. and so on

But again, no one cares. Just as no one cares that I’m about to kill myself.

Wah I’m having a pity party, bite me.

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