dear a,

  November 10th, 2017 by superficiality

we broke up 429 days ago. i remember everything like it was yesterday. but it wasn’t yesterday.

you probably don’t even remember my birthday, but i remember yours. april 21st. i remember so many of the little things, things that are practically embedded into my brain.

you love sweet tea. you love to go hunting. you have a little brother. you play baseball. you did cross country, but you hurt your knee. you once lived in michigan. you ex-girlfriend hurt you. you listen to country music, especially luke bryan. your mom drives a grey mazda, cx-5. you don’t like heights. you once threw up after riding a roller coaster. you like steak, medium-rare. you like mashed potatoes. you prefer golden corral over longhorn’s. you like to see the movies. you want to go into the military, air force, to be exact. you can shoot a bow and arrow. you don’t give up easily. you don’t like smiling, because of your braces, but you can’t help but smile. you are 6’1″. you live with your mom, step-dad, brother, and grandparent’s.

but most importantly, i know that you have the ability to love someone with all that you have, until they just aren’t worth loving.¬†and that’s why we stopped loving each other. or that’s what everyone thinks. but i still love you.

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