November 14th, 2017 by J Doe

Where am I going? I’m not completely sure? Should I go this way or that way? There are many directions, but paradoxically very few. You can do anything, but you feel like you are constrained to one thing. You can go anywhere, but somehow are stuck here. There are an infinite number of possibilities, but only one outcome. There is absolute freedom in this world, but at the same time a person has little to no control. It feels like you can go everywhere, but not really. There is no purpose, but if I go by the logic that a person creates their own purpose, then there are infinite reasons of purpose. Where are we going and for what reason? I guess I’m babbling. Nothing but nonsense. Maybe I’m crazy? Psychotic? Let’s leave and never comeback. That’s what I’ll do. Go in any direction and start walking. Walk and walk and walk and walk. Like a crazy person. Crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy. That’s all I am. Crazy. Nothing else, but crazy.

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