Dread making phone calls

  November 10th, 2017 by eternaldarkness

Does anybody else have trouble making phone calls and talking to people?

So I had to make a phone call.  They need to send back a form to the office but the office has their protocol and that other place has a protocol and of course they conflict and both would not budge.  They will not send the form directly back to the office and will not have contact with a 3rd party, only the account holder (me).  So last year they never sent the form back and the office let it slide because they were behind on their paperwork.  But this year, they would not let it slide since this needs to be done once a year, every year (verification) and they can’t let me slide on this every year.

Talking to each one individually yielded no results- each demanded the other follow their protocols and neither would budge.  I’ve been postponing contacting that place for literally 6 weeks.  I finally managed to get myself to make the call 2 weeks ago.  But I couldn’t get a live person on the line so I just gave up.  I told myself to call again but I couldn’t muster up the courage to call till today.

I finally called today and got ahold of someone and after going back and forth, how they can’t do it as they have their protocol, she mentioned I could be on conference call with the office (office is not allowed to contact them directly).  So I ran downstairs and put them on speaker.  The person at the office yielded and allowed the other place to follow their protocol.

Anyway, the specifics are not what this post is about.  It’s about being so socially inept, of being so stressed out at having to make a phone call that I literally postponed calling for over a month.  It needed to be done so finally I called today.  Thankfully, the girl on the line this time was nicer and more patient than the previous woman I spoke to last year when I had to do this and she was okay with being on conference call or speaker to speak to the office directly.

Anyhow, long story short, it turned out not to be as bad as I thought, better than getting nowhere last year.  But still- the point is- why can’t I just make a phone call and talk to someone?  It’s not just this but I dread having to make phone calls in general.  I get stressed out if I have to call some office or business.  Like what is wrong with me that I get stressed out and dread having to call and talk to someone?  I literally could not get myself to make that call for 6 whole weeks.  I only forced myself to finally do it today because the deadline for the form to be sent back is coming up.

Does anybody else get this stressed out over having to make a phone call?  Or postpone calling for weeks?  I feel like wtf is wrong with me that I can’t do it.  Normal people just pick up the phone and that’s that.  But it took me 6 fucking weeks to do it.  Like what is wrong with me?  Why can’t I “just do it”?

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