Haven’t left my apt in 2 weeks

  November 11th, 2017 by eternaldarkness

I did go down to get my mail a couple of times and went to Target 2x to get some food, but other than that, I haven’t gone outside for about 2.5 weeks now.

I don’t really have real food in my apt (ate chips for breakfast, yeah bad I know) and logically I ought to go out and get food, but it requires energy and effort.  I have chronic fatigue and foot issues so it’s always hard and physically painful on my feet to get out.

It’s much more comfortable staying in, but
Staying in = no real food (I can order but the food isn’t the healthiest and it get expensive). 
Staying in = no change
Staying in = no life
Staying in = depressing

Going out = foot pain
Going out = potentially dealing with shitty people who harrass me for no reason
Going out = takes energy
Going out = FOOD
Going out = getting proper light and natural vitamin D production

I almost stepped out today but then realized the food place I wanted to get to is by the other B12 place that I go to on Wednesdays (which I’ve skipped 2x in a row thanks to uber), and not the one that’s open on Saturdays (there’s 2 locations near me).

Anyhoo, I’m a shut in. I have no life. I have no friends. My only contact with humans is on SP basically.

Oh, I do have cucumbers and blueberries, so I guess I’ll eat that today and tomorrow.

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