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  November 30th, 2017 by Urm8451n

I’m amazed by how fucked people get by growing to an abusing parents. Some of them become abusing themselves.

They don’t see through the eyes of the victims, but see and act by the eyes of their abuser.

I want to tribute this post to my mindfckedcrazy mom, and to my sissypissofshit father.

Calling me & messaging me that I’ll fail the test because I didn’t study enough, doesn’t help much.

even worse –  messaging me for 20-40 minutes in total per day, saying  how I’m not studying enough and not planning my time right –  that is just fucked up shit.

Don’t they see it is not helpful?

to be honest,  it is barely truth!!

I live next to the Uni and come back home only at weekends, and she doesn’t even know how hard or when I’m studying because she doesn’t watch me 24/7.

For the record,  I’m ONLY studying.

So yeah, I didn’t succeed that mid exam (it doesn’t affect your score, it can only help you by giving bonuses to the final)

but it is because I wasn’t good enough, and that I need a lot of time to get better.

But calling me a loser? Screaming at me?   are you trying to push me to be suicidal? because after this day, I sure am.


what is even the point at living with such parents?    At least I know I’m at the safe way –  I mean I’ll be out of their hands in few years. But will mom will try to control mylife after my graduate?

Will she scream at me for being a loser?

Will I be able to have a girlfriend and a job with out her criticizing me?


And what about standing up to her? when I do that, she gets all crazy and suicidal herself.  Like I’m responsible for her bad life choices.

This is just bullshit.


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