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by andesames1

I told myself I will stop doing drugs, that I will get better but here I am again. High off my head. I told myself I will get getter but somehow I ended in the same place again. I’m only 17 and already taking hard drugs. Wow.


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Fire_Bad 11/4/2017 - 1:25 am

What’s stopping you from stopping?

jennmarie888 11/4/2017 - 2:28 am

using hard drugs at 17 is screwed up. I’m so sorry. that crap will rob your soul. What would be worse is if you said I lost 20 years and I still am on dope at 40. You got time kiddo, you can turn this shit around.

deep.abyss 11/4/2017 - 5:54 am

You’re only 17, there’s still time to change

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